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TotGuard advantage

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    From 2009 to 2018, the TotGuard compound growth rate is nearly 100%, and the market development and profitability are large. According to the survey of Nielsen, a world-renowned market research company, TotGuard ranked first in the seven categories of children's learning table categories, and the overall brand performance ranked first.

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    Keep price the same for online and offline, and the profits are all owned by the agent. In 2018, Tmall double eleven, the sales of TotGuard single store exceeded 9.5 million usd ,  sales in the learning table industry was NO.1.

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    Professional technical team, strong research and development strength. As of the end of February 2019, TotGuard has accumulatively obtained 129 patents. Participated in the drafting and formulation of the "2015-1563T-QB desks and chairs" standard, and led the drafting of the first "Children's Learning Chair" "Zhejiang Manufacturing" group standard.

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    Professional production base and national testing center. In 2018, TotGuard invested another 200 million yuan to build a green smart home production line. After the production, the annual production capacity will increase by 500,000 sets.

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    The market is mature, the operating system is perfect, and the first brand of children's study table industry. There are 1,500+ high-end  stores covering 300+ cities nationwide. It is estimated that the number of stores will exceed 3,000 in 2020.

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    won a number of honors, the brand potential is huge. "China National High-tech Enterprise", "2018 China Children's Learning Table and Chair Industry Influence Brand", "National Learning Table Industry Quality Leading Enterprise", "National Quality Integrity Model Enterprise", "National Product and Service Quality Integrity Demonstration Enterprise" Honorary title.

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    Full-service nanny service to protect the business.

  • Provide entrepreneurial guidance
  • Open the store to assist
  • Professional training
  • Operational subsidy benefits
  • Promotion support
  • ...

Application conditions

一、Operating capacity requirement

1. Identify the development concept of TotGuard brand management;

2. Have the financial strength to operate the local market;

3. Have strong learning ability and execution ability;

4. Have experience in operating children's related categories and have a good business reputation;

5. Have sales team operation management ability first;

6. Experience in retail and child-related industry is preferred.

二 、Store requirements

1.Shopping center, department store children's area or common area 20-60 square meters;

2.Bookstore system children's area or common area 20-60 square;

3.Furniture store children's area or common area 20-60 square meters。

Store location requirements

Local shopping malls, department stores, bookstores, general supermarkets, furniture stores with high popularity and high traffic volume, and a good location in the children's area of the store.

Application process

Policy Support

  • Business support
    Guidance for market research and local market development planning
  • Holiday promotion support
    Unified planning for holiday activities throughout the year, providing event materials and gifts
  • New store support
    Store negotiation, drawing design, the company provides a full set of decoration props for free
  • Detonation activity support
    Plan activity plans, subsidy activities, and on-site activities to maximize sales
  • Freight damage support
    Single-time delivery of the specified purchase volume is free; cargo damage subsidy
  • Online sales support
    Online and offline unified prices, online orders are transferred to the local, profits are all local distributors
  • Training support
    International, regional and local shopping guide training is regularly combined from time to time to quickly improve the sales ability of shopping guides.
  • Development incentive support
    Investing 3.5 million usd in 2019 , rewarding the qualified dealers at different stages of development, you have the ability to come and take

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Zhejiang Anji TotGuard Furniture Co., Ltd. (Production Testing Center)

No. 208, Chair Industry Road, Changshuo Street, Anji County, Zhejiang, China (Guotai Road, Difu Town)

Hangzhou TotGuard Technology Co., Ltd. (R & D Marketing Center)

17th Floor, West Building 3, Westport Development Center, No. 298 Zhenhua Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou